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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Padres 6-2

Some nights it seems so easy.

Quick thoughts:

  • You could tell Bronson Arroyo had good stuff pretty early last night, and it was great to see him with such a strong outing. The Reds are going to have to have a huge September, and he's going to have to come through for that to happen. You look at April and how well the Reds started, and it's obvious that a big part of that was Arroyo's dominance. I think most people forget every year how tired these guys get by September, and how tough it is to keep winning as the season wears everyone down.
  • Rich Aurilia has been on first for the last month or so. Awesome to see, and great to see him at short so much lately. Last night's lineup is by far my favorite one that Narron runs out. From 1-8 I feel like the Reds have a shot at making something happen. Contrast that with nights when LaRue and Clayton hit 7-8 and the dropoff is tremendous. Just think of the difference in a lineup with David Ross hitting 8th as opposed to Clayton or LaRue. Not many teams have a guy slugging .642 that far down in the lineup.
  • EdE has come through for this team over and over again this year. There's nobody else on this team I'd rather have at the plate with a runner in scoring position and two outs than Encarnacion.
  • Schoeneweis is looking like another solid pickup by Krivsky. I didn't like that move at all, but I guess if you keep picking up warm bodies one or two will come through in the end. Then again he's only thrown a little over seven innings, so I don't want to jump to conclusions, but so far, so good.
  • Good start, but a win tonight would really get things turned around. Must win series here for the Reds.
  • Shamelessly stolen from Red Menace's comment in the game thread, here's released hamper baby: