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Tuesday Links

Brendan Harris

  • JinAz has his review of August up. Great, as always.
  • 5 most disappointing and 5 breakout seasons for 2006, focusing on the minor leagues.
  • Doc Scott makes a good point that the Reds aren't really playing the kids now that they've fallen out of contention. Kind of silly not to see what Brendan Harris can do.
  • Peter Gammons is back. Certainly good to see.
  • There'll be a new Japanese import this offseason, Daisuke Matsuzaka. He's a pitcher, and here's a video. Guy's got an absolutely filthy ... I don't know what. Splitter? Gyroball? Whatever it is, it's impressive.
  • Jeff Brantley isn't returning to ESPN. He told the Cincinnati Post that he's hoping to take over for Steve Stewart.