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Monday Links

Huntington Park

  • Baseball Minutia looks at a few different things. I found this interesting, but not surprising:
    Since Griffey has been a Red he's had 2464 at bats, less the 10% of those (7.4%) have occurred in the month of September.
  • Shawn finishes his look at the minor leagues with Louisville.
  • Apparently Austin Kearns is hitting the post game buffet a little hard lately.
  • Daedalus: Why does baseball hurt sometimes?. Good read.
  • Redleg Nation points to a John Fay editorial that defends Jerry Narron. Lots of ridiculousness on display here. I really dislike the argument that a manager gets a pass for bad decisions because they make thousands of independent decisions a year. John Fay suggests that we only remember the one's that don't work, but I'd counter that we mostly remember the decisions that are made repeatedly, over and over and over again, without working ever.

    And I'm also tired of Narron getting credit for exceeding expectations this year. This team is going to finish with a win total in the 70's more than likely, and I don't consider that good. Especially not when they were 66-60 at one point. With the lineup Narron's been running out lately it wouldn't surprise me at all if the Reds only manage 75 or 76 wins. I don't see how anyone can feel good about that kind of season. Vegas had the Reds at 74 wins for their over/under bet, and they're not going to beat that by much.

  • The Columbus Clippers are saying goodbye to the Yankees, and I'd say it's a near certainty that they'll pick up the Indians or Reds affiliation by 2009. The Reds would be silly not to make the move to Columbus. They risk losing market share to Cleveland by staying in Louisville, and quite frankly Louisville is going to stay a Reds market regardless of what happens. Columbus is up in the air, but it would almost certainly tilt towards Cincinnati if the Reds had their AAA franchise here. Hopefully Castellini will realize that.

    Plus, Columbus is in the process of building a pretty sweet new stadium in the Arena District. Picture above is a concept drawing.