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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Cubs 11-3

Jerry Narron

I don't really want to even think about this, but what the hell.

Quick thoughts:

  • What we saw yesterday was a failure from every level of the organization. From the decision to pitch Milton, despite his injury, to the lineup, to the miserable play, everyone failed. But once again I'm going to place this one on Jerry Narron. I'm guessing it was his decision to run Milton out there, and it was definitely his decision to hit DeWayne Wise leadoff. Was anyone else surprised by that 0-5? All I can hope for is that Milton isn't hurt too badly, because letting him pitch yesterday was stupidity of the highest order. The Reds front office can't possibly think they're still in contention, and there's no reason to run through resources like they are.
  • It's always fun when the opposing pitcher hits a home run.
  • It's also fun to see some of the Wayne Krivsky selection from the major league scrap heap get lit up (Jason Johnson and Sun-Woo Kim). I'm at the point where a part of me hopes these guys fail so that a lesson might be learned. That lesson being don't sign/trade for sucky players. It's a hard lesson I think for the Cincinnati Reds as an organization to digest after years of signing and trading for sucky players, and I understand that, but it'd be fun to sign and trade for good players for a change. You know, try something different. I thought Wayne Krivsky might know how to do that after the spring he had, but I'm really starting to think he got lucky with Arroyo/Ross/Phillips. I guess we'll see this offseason.