9/23 RR game (post-game)

Yesterday, in the GABP men's room behind Sec 105, it became apparent that there was postgame entertainment 9/23 at GABP.  There was a poster listing all of the bands who would be playing throughout the entire season, and 9/23 was filled by some band whom I've forgotten.  Anticlimactic, no? I have faith Slyde will be able to pull the band's name off a google or search.  

I've stayed for four such concerts this year, and they've been pretty fun. I'd say the bands usually play for an hour and a half, or so.    

  • = more time @ GABP - albeit in the Fun Zone, relaxed atmosphere, beers served immediately after the game ends.  
  • = $6.50 beers.
  • I'm open for any suggestions, particularly for those who may be traveling.   Slyde and I are local, and we'll defer the mob.  Any suggestions?