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Wednesday Links

  • Shawn continues his look at the minor league system. Today: Chattanooga.
  • This has been a long time coming. About time.
  • Also from Church of Baseball: Michael's famous.
  • It's not looking  good for Eric Milton.
  • The Reds are actually sitting pretty in the unlikely event of a Wild Card tie at the end  of the season. In three out of the four scenarios they'd be playing the tiebreaker in Cincinnati. If they tie St. Louis for the Central they'd  be playing in St. Louis though.
  • Red Hot Mama rightly points out that we're now in the situation we all made fun of San Diego for being in last season.
  • Redleg Nation asks why the Reds don't have a fan loyalty program? I think they're getting better in this area actually. I got $50 in "Great American Ball Park bucks" that are good for anything in the stadium in the mail yesterday for being a partial season ticket holder. (sukr I figured I'd give you your half on the 23rd) Full season ticket holders received $100. Combine that with all the half price ticket nights lately, and it's pretty obvious that the Reds are making efforts to do better with the fan base, and I'm sure things like loyalty programs will be forthcoming.
  • Drew Stubbs was kind of disappointing at Billings. I'm hoping he was tired myself.
  • The Braves were officially eliminated from the NL East yesterday. End of an era.
  • I loved Moneyball, but a movie version seems like a bad idea. I'd probably still go see it though.