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Tuesday Links

  • Shawn takes the next step in his look at the minors, reviewing Sarasota's season.
  • JinAz looks at whether there's still hope or not. It looks like the Reds have a better shot at the Central than anything, which kind of depresses me, what with them being five games out and all. It really sucks that the Reds don't get to play the Cardinals down the stretch.
  • The Olde 320 Pub looks at the past week, and wonders if very many people in Cincinnati even still care about the Reds, with football having started. I don't know, but I did notice that attendance was pretty low on Sunday.
  • Jeff Brantley to replace Steve Stewart? I don't love the guy on ESPN, but the Reds could probably do worse. Like I keep saying, I'm sure Tracy Jones wants the job.
  • Anyone else notice that the Tigers are three games from not making the playoffs at all? I'd be feeling sick right now if I were a Tigers fan. They've got one of the worst records in baseball over the past month. I really hope they don't collapse, because Tigers fans have suffered for quite awhile. They don't deserve to get kicked in the groin like this.