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Monday Links

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  • Baseball Minutia has a potpourri  of stuff. David Ross is having a truly remarkable season.
  • Shawn is taking a quick look at how all the minor league teams fared this year. He's done the GCL Reds, Billings, and Dayton so far. I'll probably do something similar when the season's over and I'm flailing about trying to find things to write about every day.
  • Farney's a funny little guy.
  • The Reds have hired away Toronto's Latin American scouting director. He's been responsible for Toronto signing guys like Felipe Lopez, Clayton Andrews, Luis Lopez, Matt Ford and Vinnie Chulk, Izzy Molina and Emil Brown.
  • From the comments, the famous dress that Jose Lima's wife wore is up for auction. If you, uh, don't know of what I speak just take a look at the picture. Her. What she's wearing. It became something of an internet legend when it was posted on an story, to the point that cut her out of the picture.