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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Pirates 7-4

I'm sure Ryan Franklin is a nice guy in day to day life, but my God I'm so sick of him. WHY JERRY, WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US?!? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


Quick thoughts:

  • It was Todd Coffey's birthday yesterday. I'm sure that was a sucky birthday.
  • I had no idea Brandon Phillips had 16 home runs. He's been struggling so much lately, that if you'd asked me I probably would have thought he had 8 or 9.
  • No offense at all to Norris Hopper, but if you'd have told me back in April that the Reds would be a few games out of a playoff spot but starting Norris Hopper I probably would have said there'd be no way in hell they'd actually have a shot.
  • It really seems like the starters have to be perfect anymore, to survive the offense and inevitable bullpen meltdowns. Harang wasn't perfect, but he pitched well enough to win.
  • Rich Aurilia: .307
  • Jason LaRue, Norris Hopper, Royce Clayton. Ugh. And again, nothing against Hopper, I think he'll be a fine bench player, but still. Ugh.
  • I don't generally read the Cincinnati papers, but somebody really ought to ask Jerry why he uses Ryan Franklin SO DAMN OFTEN AND IT MAKES ME WANT TO BREAK THINGS STOP USING HIM JERRY OK? Ok then. I'm a little frustrated. But I'm ok. Really.