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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Braves 6-4

Hey, I've got an idea. Let's not use Gary Majewski anymore.

Quick thoughts:

  • Totally thought this one was in the bag until I saw Majewski come in, and then I was immediately convinced the Reds would lose. And I was right. Reading the comments here at Red Reporter it looks like everyone agreed with me. It was truly a terrible situation to bring the guy in, and yet Narron did it anyway. Why would he do that? Did any reporters ask Narron why he'd do something so stupid? It's obvious to everyone watching that there's something wrong with Majewski, and yet Narron has run him out there in close games again and again and again, and eventually you have to ask why the guy's being allowed to manage a major league baseball team. He's obviously not qualified.
  • Kyle Lohse kicked ass, and I think he's going to be in the rotation for the rest of the year. He throws hard and he's entering his prime years. One fault that I think "stats" guys have is that they're sometimes too quick to give up on players, and I know I'm certainly guilty of it. I'm not saying Lohse is ever going to be a dominating pitcher, he might not even be very good. But I'm guessing he can bounce back from his troubles in Minnesota to be an average to slightly below average pitcher for the Reds, and I'll take that from the fifth slot after watching Brandon Claussen and guys like Joe Mays all year. Maybe I'll turn out to be wrong, but I've thought since the Reds acquired him that he'd be an upgrade.
  • Ken Griffey Jr. might be coming out of his season long slump. We can only hope.
  • EdE looked great at the plate, which I'm sure means he won't be playing against St. Louis.
  • Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but what worries me after the Atlanta series is that the offense only managed 19 hits (6, 7, and 6). It's kind of ironic that everyone seems to think this team has lived and died by the home run in recent years and now it really does, after being remade into a "pitching and defense" team.
  • Gee, Bob Wickman might have looked decent in a Reds jersey. They seem to still need a setup guy if they're running out Majewski in the 8th.
  • I've pretty much had it with Jason Standridge. I thought Krivsky was very much opposed to hard throwers with poor control, and yet Standridge remains on the roster. I'm hopeful that he'll be gone when Mercker or Belisle comes back.
  • Yesterday hurt quite a bit. It's fine if the Reds don't make the postseason because of a lack of talent. I'm used to that. But I'm starting to think they might not make it because of Jerry Narron, and that's not ok.