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Friday Links

  • Baseball Prospectus calls Jay Bruce the second best corner outfield prospect in baseball.
  • Yeah, I miss him too. Especially on days when the Reds get shutout on two hits.
  • The Mets signed Jose Reyes to a 4 year, $23.25 million deal. That takes him through his arbitration years (plus one free agent season), and the Mets will probably save some money on the deal. They also have an option for 2011 at $11 million, but it's impossible to know if that'll be reasonable or not that far in the future. I left my crystal ball in my other pants.
  • Doc Gooden's still in prison.
  • I was hoping they'd want LaRue. Or Valentin for that matter. Anything that would put an end to carrying three catchers.
  • And this situation in Colorado strikes me as goofy. I'm not sure why the Rockies get to tamper with their equipment while no other team has that option, but it should probably stop. Coors Field is now a pitcher's park.  No, really.