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Game thoughts: Reds lose to the Dodgers 3-0

I feel fortunate in that I missed most of yesterday's game. I worked for something like 20 hours until noon yesterday, and then slept until the 8th inning or so (waking up briefly to start a game thread, but since one had already been started I just promoted it from the diaries - feel free to do that if I'm not around at start time!). And really I'm glad I missed the game, because I felt frustrated enough reading through the game thread.

Quick thoughts:

  • The offense is just sickening, but at least Narron showed that he understands that Aurilia can play positions other than third last night. On other boards and sites I've seen people argue that moving Brandon Phillips is silly talk, because why mess with what's working? Well, it's not. Phillips at second with Clayton and Aurilia in the left side of the infield isn't working at all. Jerry Narron has proved pretty conclusively that he's not a terribly creative guy, so I don't have much hope that this'll change, but it really needs to.
  • Good for Eric Milton. Seven strong innings, no walks, just one home run allowed ... great outing from him. He did more than enough for the Reds to win.
  • Greg Maddux is an incredibly average pitcher now, and it's really quite pathetic that the Reds only managed a couple of hits off the guy. But then again it doesn't really help to have hitters in the 7 and 8 holes with OBPs of .281 and .315 respectively. That's three nearly automatic outs every time through the lineup (when you add the pitcher), all bunched together. Include Junior's OBP of .291 and you've got a bad situation on your hands. We're going to see the Reds score three runs or less quite a few times going forward, and we're now watching a team that is going to be terrible at playing from behind.
  • Now the Braves come to town, and I'm sure we all remember how the series with them went right before the All-Star break. It's really tough not to be pessimistic at this point.

I really wanted to let the little guy out too.