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Thursday Links

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  • The origin of Farney. There's your daily link to Daedalus.
  • The Reds had a couple of interesting minor league notes today. Joey Votto (pictured at right) was named the Southern League MVP, and Chris Valaika was named Pioneer League MVP. The minor league system is going through something of a resurgence, which hopefully will lead to an improved product at the major league level in the (very?) near future. Please God let it be the near future. (Via)
  • Mark Mulder isn't going to pitch again this season, which is actually pretty good news for the Cardinals.
  • Proof that many Boston Red Sox fans are bandwagoners. Not that there was a lot of doubt before. I feel kind of lukewarm whenever the Red Sox or Yankees struggle, because it invariably means that the other team is doing well, and I'd really rather see someone completely different come out of the AL East, not that that's going to happen anytime soon. It'd be really nice if Boston or New York could tank an entire season so that we wouldn't have the incessant hyping of every one of their games by ESPN to endure.