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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Dodgers 6-5 (16)

Could you believe boobs shamelessly hitting on the two female readers of Red Reporter? I suppose part of me is surprised it hasn't happened sooner.

Quick thoughts:

  • I watched the first four or five innings on TV before coming into the office to do some work and listen to the game on the radio. Surprisingly a new game thread had already been opened by Slyde. Pretty sure that was the quickest to 300 comments in the history of Red Reporter.
  • Ash and Daedalus really handled all the goings on with considerable aplomb. Very impressive effort by both.
  • I'm really quite disappointed that nobody drunk dialed RHM. Come on guys what are the inning breaks for?
  • Comment of the night: Red Menace pondering a handle change to something I can't print on the front page. Lots of runners up here, but that was number one for me.
  • How I found about the TrueBlueLA invasion: IM from Slyde saying "um, your readers have taken over the Dodgers site"
  • Well over 1200 comments, and definitely one of the best (the best?) game threads of all time. The community that's sprung up here surprises me damn near every day.
  • Oh, and yeah the Reds lost, Ryan Franklin sucks, very frustrated, no longer the Wild Card leaders, etc., etc. woe is us, etc. At least we have each other?