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Wednesday Links

  • Baseball Minutia looks at the trade. No, not that trade, this one's from 1961.
  • The Reds are on the fringes of the hunt for David Wells:
    The Padres and Dodgers are showing the most interest in trading for Red Sox left-hander David Wells, a source with knowledge of the Sox's discussions told on Tuesday.

    The Cardinals, the source said, also could be in the mix for Wells, who has cleared waivers. The Reds are actively looking for another starting pitcher, and the Mets and Twins also figure to inquire about Wells.

    I guess it worked ten years ago.

  • Nice article by Dayn Perry on why the Player's Union is hypocritical. I've always been a defender of the MLBPA, but this raises some interesting points I hadn't considered before. Doesn't make the owners any less evil, but yeah.
  • It's pretty incredible how long Dave Littlefield has managed to hold onto his job as Pirates GM.
  • John Wooden's favorite sport is apparently baseball:
    "Now it can be told," the old clipping begins, Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager Joe Brown confirming that while at a dinner in Los Angeles years ago, Brown asked the UCLA basketball coach if he would like to manage the Pirates.

    Wooden said no, but according to the newspaper story, when Brown was asked what if Wooden had said yes, Brown replied, "I would have hired him. He could handle any job."

    Wooden shakes his head and laughs. "I keep it in my wallet because it's so ridiculous. It would be flattering if it made sense. But it's like I told Brown, 'Who do you think would be fired first if I was hired? You -- for hiring me.' "

  • Reds sign Jason Johnson. Let's just hope they don't do something silly, like you know, use him.
  • JinAz looks at changes in the draft, and I have to say that removing draft picks as free agent compensation is a bunch of crap. The rich get richer.
  • Um, ouch?