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Game thoughts: Reds lose again

If (when?) the Reds don't make the playoffs it's going to be awfully ironic to look back and realize they missed their chance because of a lack of offense.

Quick thoughts:

  • Seriously, this offense is just terrible. At the beginning of the year it never felt like the Reds were out of it when a pitcher imploded, but now if the Reds starter gives up more than 3 I feel like we might as well pack it in. Seriously, four hits last night. Four. One two three four. Brad Penny's good, but come on. He only pitched six innings, and then the Reds were shut down by the immortal Elmer Dessens. Yeah, they scored off of him, but in the end they only managed a hit in nearly two innings against him. The offense is a mess.
  • And I'll tell you this right now, if the Reds are going to lose then I'd much rather them lose 9-8, hitting lots of home runs along the way. That's fun. Watching your favorite baseball team fail to score is not fun. It's the most frustrating thing in sports. Worse than a bullpen meltdown, worse than your favorite QB throwing an INT, worse than watching a basketball team miss free throws. It's terrible. I'll take it if it means playoffs, but if doesn't then I'm going to be pretty unhappy with Krivsky turning this team into a bunch of defensive specialists (many of whom can't actually play defense).
  • THE CARDINALS HAVE LOST SIX IN A ROW. And the Reds have gone out and matched them every day for the last four days. It's pathetic not to take advantage of such a thing. This is the time when the Reds could be making their move and running away with things, but it seems like they'd rather gravitate towards .500, a mark they probably deserve looking at their runs scored and runs allowed.
  • Ken Griffey Jr. is apparently now what all the idiots thought Adam Dunn was. Can't hit anything but home runs, and plays terrible defense. I don't know what's up with him, but he's a huge reason why the Reds aren't in first place right now. And to anyone who thinks I'm criticizing with no cause, I didn't even notice he was playing badly until a few weeks ago when I actually checked the stats and realized I hadn't really been paying attention to all those 0-4s. Because it's Junior. He's literally one of the last places I look when there's something wrong with the Reds, because it's never been his fault in the past. It's his fault now.
  • Great night from the bullpen, all from guys who were on the 40 man at the start of the season except for Cormier.
  • I'm probably overreacting to this four game losing streak, but it's not just the losses. I can't stomach the way they've been losing at all. The offense needs to come back, and soon.

The baby's staying under the hamper until the Reds win.