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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Dodgers 6-5

I'm not discouraged. I don't know, I'm just not. The losing is getting old, but we knew this west coast trip was going to be tough. If they can win one of the next two games and then take two out of three from San Diego I think they'll be in good shape. The meat of the rotation is coming back around, and I think things are about to change. All it takes is one night of decent offense for guys to stop pressing, and it wouldn't surprise me if last night was the night.

Quick thoughts:

  • Let's look at the positives. Ken Griffey Jr. is hitting well. The Reds managed 10 hits last night. Brandon Phillips looked bad making the final out, but he went 3-5 on the night. The Reds showed patience, walking a ridiculous nine times. Nine. And they only scored five runs? Wait, I was being positive, where was I?
  • Ryan Franklin pitched two scoreless innings, nice to see but um ... four walks in two innings isn't good. He really needs to not be the first guy out of the pen every night.
  • I'd love to know what on earth happened to Todd Coffey this year. He started out on top of the world, but it's been horribly downhill ever since. He seems like a completely different pitcher than the guy I saw in April.
  • The Dodgers don't scare me. No reason why the Reds can't win this series with Mark Hendrickson tomorrow and Old Man Maddux going on Wednesday. Ok, so I'm just talking tough with Maddux, but he is facing Harang so I think we've got a shot. And Eric Milton goes tomorrow in the ballpark he was born to pitch in. Like I said up top, I feel better today about things than I did yesterday. We all knew this road trip wasn't going to be fun. If they can survive it and still be anywhere near the Wild Card lead then I think we've got a real shot at seeing playoff baseball played in Cincinnati this fall.