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Monday Links

  • Reds baseball and Greek  mythology, just another day over at Church of Baseball.
  • At least Adam Dunn is willing to admit that the Reds offense has sucked these past few days. Admitting you have a problem is the first step and all.
  • Pirates Q&A here, questioner asks if the Pirates would ever trade for Adam Dunn, answer is essentially "No, he's expensive". I don't know, I found it amusing, as if the Pirates couldn't use Adam Dunn at a fairly reasonable price. The guy answering the questions says the Pirates would be better served going after a Ryan Shealy type, which yeah, that'd be smart, but the Pirates could have actually had the actual Ryan Shealy just last month. (Via)
  • The Reds third rounder from June, Chris Valaika, just broke the Pioneer League record for longest hitting streak. Apparently the streak was snapped yesterday, but still nice to see. Valaika has been tearing up Billings, so maybe the Reds have something there. (Via)
  • Drew Stubbs isn't looking too hot.
  • Nice article here about Sparky Anderson. He seems to really have it together. Guy's been married to the same woman for 52 years, and he gets up every morning at 5:30 in the morning to go walking. I'm guessing there are a lot of people that could learn some lessons from Sparky, myself included.
  • Wayne Krivsky will be in Chattanooga tonight. Watching Homer Bailey.