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Game Thoughts: The horror... the horror...

So that was really, really bad. I listened to the game as I did some work, and after awhile the pitifulness of the situation became kind of comedic. And the game produced an excellent game thread, so yeah, there's that.

Quick thoughts:

  • Really Kyle Lohse was due to have a bad start, and his bad start wasn't even really all that bad. Five runs in five innings is bad sure, but a team with a decent offense can overcome that every now and again. This Reds team seems to have perfect storms of terrible, and they come about once a month. I guess that's part of being mediocre, but it's incredibly frustrating to watch.
  • One of the funnier parts of the afternoon was seeing Matt Belisle and Bill Bray brought into a game that was already pretty out of hand. Those guys definitely aren't Ryan Franklin caliber, lemee tell you.
  • Ken Griffey Jr. is tearing it up right now. Shame that the second he finds himself everyone else turns to shit.
  • Part of me wants to shrug this off and part of me can. The Reds just lost to three pretty good pitchers in Morris, Lowry, and Cain. That's the upside, the fact that they might get healthy against other guys. The Giants have been on fire lately as well, so the Reds may have just run into a really hot team. But then the other part of me thinks the next month is going to be just like this, watching the Reds stagger into the final part of the season, only making the playoffs if nobody else gets hot. The words "I just don't know" pretty much sum things up.