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Weekend Links

  • I forget who (on this site) pointed to Jim Leyland as an example of a manager turning his team around recently, but I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that Leyland batted Neifi Perez leadoff yesterday. Perez has a .254 OBP.
  • The Big Red Mechanic takes a look at the Reds bullpen and the way Jerry Narron abuses it.
  • You know, I saw this  yesterday and decided not to run it, which was the first time I haven't posted an On the DL Reds related scoop. This one just seemed a little too X rated, but you can click that link to see RHM talking about it and doing some speculating as to who On the DL is discussing.
  • The Cardinals have four FA's in their starting rotation. That has to be a good thing for the Reds I'd think.
  • Padres relief pitchers apparently camped out in Denver's bullpen the other night:
    "Great bullpen here," said Alan Embree, who had to withdraw from the outing after chipping a tooth earlier in the day. "Trees, grass, water ... maybe do a little fishing."

    "We'll get a good night's sleep," said Scott Linebrink.

    They sound like a fun group.

  • Zach Duke and Felix Hernandez have kind of sucked this year. The New York Times takes a look at what's happened.