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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Giants 4-1

Like I said, Matt Morris is always capable of doing something like that.

Quick thoughts:

  • Griffey is playing really well. It gets me excited thinking that he might dial it up a notch for the playoff race. I realise his effort level is pretty constant, but you have to think he wants this after the past few years. Out of all the players on this team it probably would mean the most to Griffey if they could make a playoff run.
  • The opposing pitcher hurting you with his bat is maybe the worst feeling in baseball.
  • David Weathers. Matt Belisle. Bill Bray. Todd Coffey. Even Scott Schoeneweis at the moment. These are all pitchers I like better than Ryan Franklin. I will never understand why Jerry Narron gets stuck on certain players. Franklin isn't even that bad of a pitcher, but running him out there every day can't possibly feel like a good idea, and yet it seems like the thing to do for Narron.
  • But in the end Franklin's little meltdown didn't matter, because it was Matt Morris' night. It happens. I'm sure the Reds will bounce back quickly.