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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Giants 4-1 (again)

So uh, yeah, I totally thought today's game was at 10:15 again. Sorry about that. But hey at least I spared myself the misery of watching the Reds offense flounder about for three hours. That's me, always looking for the silver lining.

Quick thoughts:

  • David Ross apparently likes hitting in San Francisco. This is a guy who's hit nearly all of his home runs in GABP, but he's now got two in three days at AT&T Park. Really incredible how cheaply the Reds were able to pick up Ross.
  • Once again a pitcher pitches pretty well, only to get left in a little too long by Jerry Narron. When it'll end I have no idea. It's depressing to think about how often Narron has left pitchers out well over 100 pitches only to see them get shelled. You'd hope at some point 2+2 would start equalling 4, but if it hasn't happened by now then it's probably not going to start any time soon.
  • Bill Bray seems to be a pretty decent relief pitcher. Matt Belisle too. Not sure why they haven't been used lately, but good to see Narron use them today, although it was too late at that point.
  • All that being said, the Reds have been shut down by a couple of pretty good pitchers these last two days. Lowry in particular has been really hot lately, coming off a shutout in his last start. The sky isn't falling. A win tomorrow means a split, which would be perfectly fine. Try not to think too much about the possible alternative.