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Reds close to naming Thom Brennaman new announcer?

Lance McAlister thinks so:

It is my understanding that the Reds search for their next broadcaster is not only underway....but nearing completion. I believe the next Reds broadcaster can be heard this Saturday afternoon on Fox 19 as the Cubs face the Cards in St Louis...........Thom Brennaman.

This sounds like a Castellini type move, so it wouldn't surprise me a bit. It also means that the team might not have been unhappy with Steve Stewart per se, just that they preferred to have a younger Brennaman in the booth.

I think it would be a good move personally. Marty grates at times, but he's still Cincinnati baseball and I love the guy. Having his son take over feels right.

Even if you think Thom is a little dull you have to admit that he'd be a choice that's lightyears better than Tracy Jones. One of my greatest fears as a Reds fan is that Jones would somehow end up in the broadcasting booth because I'd never be able to listen to another game. Scary stuff.