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Wednesday Links

  • This gets a link because I want a picture of Chelipe. Come on Daedalus, don't let me down.
  • JinAz with thoughts on recent Reds transactions.
  • Julio Franco eats 10 eggs every morning. Just in case you were wondering the key to longevity - it's apparently eggs.
  • John Sickels charts Zach Greinke's recent start. This is interesting for a couple of reasons, one being that it's cool to see a guy like Sickels at work, and the other that Greinke's situation is fascinating in and of itself. Hopefully he can get back to the bigs and be a successful pitcher.
  • The Cardinals signed Jose Vizcaino. Eckstein is headed to the DL, so this is probably his replacement for now.
  • Wayne Krivsky on the possibility of bringing up Homer Bailey:
    "He's going to pitch through the playoffs," Krivsky said.

    Any chance he'll be up with the Reds in the September?

    "I don't know," Krivsky said. "I'm not ready to say yes or no."

    A couple of weeks ago it was a definite no, so this is interesting.
  • RHM was featured on a podcast if you're looking for something to do for ten minutes.
  • The Hunt for a Red October. I remember being nine in 1990 and 700WLW doing all of their Reds promos with the Hunt for Red October theme. That phrase / movie title still brings with it a little feeling of joy.
  • How did Ryan Freel not win this award?
  • The Reds are preparing a grievance against the Nats with regards to the lack of disclosure over Majewski's cortizone shot. Go get 'em Wayne.