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Game thoughts: Reds beat the ever loving hell out of the Astros

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That was the most relaxing baseball game I have ever watched as a Cincinnati Reds fan.

Quick thoughts:

  • Kyle Lohse is awesome. I'd just like to point out that I called this one a little bit, although I never thought he'd be this successful. I was thinking solid number four guy for the rest of the year, but he's been pitching like an ace. You look at Lohse's peripheral stats and it's really tough to understand how he had an ERA over seven in the first place. His K/BB ratio is 72/31 in 91 innings, which really isn't bad at all. It's entirely possible that this is just a guy that badly needed a change of scenery. Glad we could give it to him.
  • God it was good to see them pile on. I was thrilled when it was 4-0, and then that third inning came and I was stunned. Dunn's home run to make it 12-0 is probably one of my favorite moments of the season so far.
  • And I've got little else. I'm on cloud nine. Read this and tell me you don't get chills:
    A crushing comeback, a big blowout. The Cincinnati Reds are winning every which way these days.

    And some of the folks trying to catch them are starting to feel the futility of the chase.

    Hell yeah.

Go Reds!