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Tuesday Links

  • Baseball Minutia has an awesome post that hits on a couple of different things. I found the thoughts on strikeouts and the Reds to be really interesting, as well as the Bill James/Kansas City Royals stuff at the end. I feel quite a bit like James felt about John Schuerholz when it comes to Wayne Krivsky.
  • Anyone else know that Rich Aurilia's nickname is Waldo? Cause yeah, I didn't.
  • Redleg Nation has an interesting look at Ryan Freel and how much better he plays when rested.
  • Jose Rijo: electricity thief. Bizarre story.
  • It looks to me like John Gibbons is a serious dick.  If someone's always in the middle of the fight it's usually their fault.
  • A 6'8  little leaguer from Saudi Arabia deserves a link.