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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Astros 4-3

See, this is what I was talking about in this post. It's tough not to get too up about last night's win. Awesome night for the Reds.

Quick thoughts:

  • Arroyo didn't pitch too badly. He seemed to struggle early, which led me to thoughts of "here we go again", but he battled and had a solid outing. If this had been a more typical game this year for the Reds against Pettite then Arroyo's effort would have been enough for the win.
  • Lance Berkman is ridiculous, and he kills the Reds, and yet I don't hate the guy like I hate guys like Bill Hall, Albert Pujols, or even Chris Duncan. It's strange, not sure why I can't muster any dislike for the guy. He's a good ballplayer, and still manages to be underrated I think.
  • I don't even know if the stats back me up on this, but it seems to me like Rheal Cormier really hasn't worked out too well. I can't call it a bad pickup, but it'd certainly be nice if he could pull it together a little. Ticky tack add on runs like he allowed last night are the worst. Coming from behind is tough enough as it is without relievers sabotaging the attempt.
  • Scott Schoeneweis with the save. Sometimes you just have to laugh and go with the flow when it comes to Jerry Narron. He looked smart last night for the first time in months.
  • It's really impressive how Rich Aurilia has turned his career around. His 2002-2004 period was horrendous, but he's now an extremely solid player again. You don't see that too often. Aurilia actually only had three season I'd call above average (out of 10 years (some partial) in the majors) before coming to the Reds, which makes what he's done in Cincinnati even more impressive. Credit where credit's due, he just about won the game singlehandedly last night.