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Wednesday Links

  • Couple of new blogs to add to the list of Reds sites. The Olde 320 Pub has been up since Monday, and it's pretty good stuff so far. The other new site is A Press Box View written by Jeff Wallner, a freelance sports writer in the Cincinnati area. It's actually apparently been around for a year, but I just recently came across it (I think at Redleg Nation?). So go check both of those out, I'll be adding them to the ever expanding list off to the right.
  • Shawn talks about Paul Daugherty's recent column on Ken Griffey Jr. I'm still hopeful that Griffey will move positions next season, but you never really know when pride is involved.
  • Daedalus on the '84 Tigers. Another team who's logo used to be kick ass and is now kind of lame. The Tiger in the circle looked kind of like it was on drugs. I get a little loopy if I stare into its eyes too long.
  • Cracks me up that people are surprised that attendance isn't booming. Yeah, the Reds are in the race, but they're also only a few games over .500. The casual fan needs more than this to be convinced that things are really different. If they're still leading the Wild Card in September then people will turn out. And next year's attendance will be up, whether the Reds make the playoffs or not, just because barring a complete collapse this'll be seen as a successful first year for Krivsky and Castellini.
  • This is full of interesting facts. Warren Spahn was a Reds killer. So was some guy named Charlie Root.
  • Chase Utley has gotten interesting. Just a week and a half more and he'll catch Pete.
  • And I thought we'd close with Duaner Sanchez's night of terror..