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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to Cardinals 2-1

Honestly, I don't want to talk about this game.  This was a tough loss to swallow for me and I forced myself to stay away from the computer since the game ended because I was so frustrated.

  • How do you only manage 3 hits in a game against Jeff Weaver this season?  The guy has 7 "quality starts" all year and 2 of them are against the Reds.  Only 3 times has he allowed less than 2 runs in an outing, and 2 of those are against the Reds.  I was just being cocky when I said that there was no reason the Reds shouldn't score 6 runs off of Weaver yesterday, but did I have to be THAT wrong?
  • I don't know what to say about Jerry Narron right now.  I'm not so bent out of shape about bunting with David Ross. It's not what I would have done, but with a tie game and no outs it's not an idiotic move.  But pitching Ryan Franklin in the ninth against the Cardinals 3 best hitters?   If he wanted to use Franklin longer in order to avoid wasting the bullpen for extra innings, then he should have saved him for extra innings.  This game was too important to have anybody but your best on the mound in that situation.  I mean, there are only 3 hitters in that lineup that scared me, and they were all up that inning against Ryan Freaking Franklin.  It's a shame. <end rant>
  • Let's all give a hand to Kyle Lohse.  He pitched great when the Reds needed it.  That's three very good starts so far.  I've now moved from Cautiously Optimistic to Mildly Intrigued with his prospects.
  • And how about a hat tip for Junior too, while we're at it.  Many of us have been quite critical of him this year, but I doubt there are many Reds fans right now who aren't rooting for him given the struggles his family going through.  Here's hoping he can channel all of that energy onto the field.