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Game 121 Thread: Reds vs Cardinals

TIME: 2:10 @ Busch Stadium

              REDS PROBABLE:
Jeff Weaver (2-3, 6.60)             Kyle Lohse (0-0, 2.92)

Yeah, so you know how when you're helping a buddy out and watching his site for him, and everything is going well, and then all of the sudden you can't get to the site.  And even worse, you don't know who to contact to let them know that the site is down.  You know those times, right?  Well, I had one of those today.  Hopefully we're back up for good - or at least until JD is back to make things right with the world again.

As for the game, there is no reason that the Reds shouldn't put up at least 6 runs on Weaver today.  None.

And a message to Kyle Lohse: just keep doing what you've been doing, kid.  It'll get us where we're going.

Go Reds!