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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to Cardinals 5-0

I've only got a few minutes, but the Reds did very little on the night, so this should be easy:

  • I said it in the game thread, but this game will only hurt if the Reds fail to take the next two games.  Of the three, this was the one that I was most willing to lose.  I'm still not happy with a loss, but Chris Carpenter was on his game last night.  The dude only threw 107 pitches.  Normally I would say the Reds should have been more patient, but it seemed like when they were taking pitches they were strikes.  Sometimes you just have to tip your cap to the other guy and try to get them the next day.
  • Aaron Harang was all over the place last night.  How many batters did he almost hit?  It had to be at least 3, and that's not including the one he did hit (stupid little hobbit).  He definitely didn't have it last night.  Hopefully that's his last bad start of the season.
  • Yeah, so the lineup was not the most effective.  If Narron is adamant about giving Larue and Clayton playing time, maybe he could not put both of them in on the same night.  It really just creates a vacuum at the bottom of the order.
  • New rule: Do not pitch to Chris Duncan anymore.  Walk him to get to Pujols if you have to.
  • The Reds should consider pitching all of their lefties today.  The Cards this season are just 17-28 against left-handed starting pitching while they are 46-27 against right-handers.  Bring back Dave Williams!!!!