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Game Thoughts: Reds beat Cardinals 7-2

That's what I'm talking about!  Much to like about this game:

  • Home runs galore!  Most of them were rally killers, but somehow the Reds battled through it.  Edwin Encarnacion (some call him BOAPNLPOTFW©) hit two long balls and drove in 4 runs, so you can understand why he deserved to be taken out of the game later on.  Also in on the action were the Bad Man, Junior, and Dunn.  Fun was had by all.
  • Bronson finally got #10, and I must say that this looked much more like the Bronson we all called bad ass at the beginning of the season.  By no means was he dominant, but he sure didn't shoot himself in the foot.  A bend, but don't break Bronson may be the best we'll get the rest of the year, but that could just be enough.
  • As for the Cardinals, their first four hitters scare me (well, the Hobbit doesn't scare me, just bothers me) but after that they're pretty weak.  I think a good strategy for Lohse on Thursday would be to try to stay tough through the top of the order and then drop the hammer through the bottom half.  Yeah, that should be the game plan.
  • The Reds put the beat down on Reyes after being shut down by him last week.  That sounds like a trend that would be nice to continue tomorrow.