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Off Day - rest up, we've got a big series in front of us

I don't have much today.  Unlike JD, I'm working for a living.  Living and a-working.  I'm taking what they're giving 'cause I'm working for a living.  Whoah-whoah.

Okay, that's enough of that.  Anyhoo, if you've got an off day topic that you want to suggest, go for it.  Also, if you find any must read stuff out there in the ether, throw a link up here (either in this thread or on a diary).  The site is all yours today.  Let's tear this mutha up while JD is away.  

One quick question: How do you feel going into this week's series with the Cardinals compared to going into last week's?  We've got our two big dogs going again, and once again a sweep puts the Reds in first.  That's pretty damn exciting for a series in August, no?