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Game Thread: Game 118 vs the Phillies

TIME: 1:35 @ Citizens Bank Park

             REDS PROBABLE:
Brett Myers (8-5, 3.95)             Eric Milton (8-7, 5.01)

It could be a tough one today.  Myers is a good pitcher who has owned the Reds in the past (2-0, 2.77 ERA in 4 starts).  He is a threat to walk a few, so hopefully the Reds will be patient at the plate.

On the plus side, Milton hasn't been too shabby over his last four starts, so let's hope he can keep it going.  One thing I'd like to see is Dunn moved back up to the 2-spot.  He seemed to be hitting better there, and if Hatteberg is going to hit wherever he bats in the lineup, then maybe the two should be flip-flopped.