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Homer Bailey Revisited

Shawn talks a little here about Homer Bailey and other pitchers who came up at the age of 20. The good news is that Bailey might end being Babe Ruth if he's brought up this year.

Ok, kidding.

But really, is there that much debate about bringing up Bailey anymore? I've come full circle from wanting Bailey in the minors for another full season to wanting Bailey in the bullpen yesterday. A pennant race changes things.

The question that I think needs to be asked is whether or not Bailey is one of the best 12 pitchers in the Reds organization. It's really tough not to answer that question with a yes, and I'm a big believer that you go forward in a pennant race with your best 25 players.

I understand the injury risks, but I don't want the guy starting. Two or three innings a week in September isn't going to appreciably increase the chance of Bailey getting injured, at least in my opinion. So why not go all out? It seems to me that's what Krivsky is doing in other areas, damn near making a trade a day lately. There's no reason not to look within the organization for help as well.

Bring the kid up. Let's go to the playoffs.