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Ken Griffey Jr. in the Washington Post

This is a great article:

"You'd better come give me a high-five," Griffey yells to 6-year-old Ryan Weathers, son of pitcher David Weathers. And when the boy refuses and begins to run away giggling, Griffey pounces.

"I'm going to be your agent, right?" Griffey screams. He has the boy down on the floor, squirming, unleashing a barrage of noogies, pokes and tickles. Ryan is shaking his head, giggling uncontrollably. "C'mon, I'll do it for three percent," Griffey says. No deal. "Two and a half!" Finally, the boy relents and Griffey sets him free.

"Don't forget," Griffey yells after him. "We have a deal."

Griffey's struggled this year, but as always I'm glad to have him on the team. In the end watching guys like Griffey (and Barry Larkin, and Eric Davis, and Adam Dunn) are what it's really all about. Championships are great, and much appreciated, but when I'm old having seen Ken Griffey Jr. in a Reds jersey will be just as important as having watched the 1990 Reds win the World Series.