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Thursday Links

  • Baseball Minutia looks at managers. That's part 1, part 2 is here. Good stuff as always.
  • I kind of wish I had a midget living in my head. Yeah, not really. But I do enjoy reading about other people's head midgets.
  • Paul Lo Duca has been sleeping around. On his Playboy model wife. With a 19 year old. And he might have a severe gambling problem. Boy oh boy.
  • I would love it if Jim Edmonds left St. Louis just for the fun of watching George Grande call a Reds-Cardinals game without his favorite player on the field.
  • This is great. And so is this. Someone really probably ought to tell Grande to stop saying Prince Albert, seriously. I don't fault him for not knowing but ... it's embarassing after awhile.
  • I disagree with this. I still think the Wild Card is going to be the way into the playoffs for the Reds. The Cardinals are tougher than they've looked, and I think they'll finish with 86-90 wins, which will probably be enough. I think the best case scenario is that the Reds finish with 84 or so wins, and the Dodgers win the West with the Padres fading. Once you're in the playoffs anything can happen, but the Reds are probably going to need some help to get there.
  • Nice article on the Reds in the NY Times.
  • Great pictures from last night. All these last at bat wins are going to make 2006 a fond memory, whether the Reds make the playoffs or not.
  • Really, Ryan Freel: awesome. There was a time I thought Freel was overrated in Cincinnati. I was very wrong.