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Saturday Links

  • Brandon Phillips is awesome:
    "You've got to keep on playing. It's a funny game, and nothing's over until you celebrate at the end. Some people say the fat lady sings, but fat ladies don't sing all the time. It could be a pretty girl singing. I don't care what kind of girl it is, as long as we're on the winning side."
  • Yes, I've probably spent more on Opening Day tickets than I do for a month's rent.
  • Sean Casey is attracting interest from Oakland and San Francisco. Boy, it'll sure be funny when Pittsburgh gets something better than Dave Williams for him. I was so wrong about that one. So very, very wrong.
  • Hey look! It's Brandon Larson!
  • Anyone want Sidney Ponson? Yeah, me either.
  • Like Brandon Phillips, Adam Dunn knows how to give a good quote:
    Dunn is not an All-Star and was not asked to participate in the Home Run Derby. Asked if he would have gone, if asked, Dunn said, "No. Well, let me rephrase that. Hell, no. That's like being asked to play football, but you'll be the kicker or the holder."
  • This is nice to see. I'm kind of rooting for the Royals to return to respectability, although they still need new ownership.
  • Apparently the Cubs might have offered Dusty Baker a contract extension, although he's denying it. I wouldn't put it past the Cubs to do something that stupid.
  • This is hilarious.
  • You know the world's going to hell in a handbasket, when even the mascots are getting themselves into trouble.