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Friday Links

  • Kind of funny after all the activity from yesterday how quiet today has been. But here's a few things I found interesting.
  • JinAz has a nice look at Eddie Guardado.
  • And so does a newspaper in Tacoma. Even though it kind of reads like an obituary.
  • The Cardinals signed a Cuban player thinking he was 27, but it looks like he's actually in his early 30's. Ha.
  • The Cardinals are also in the market for a hitter. Their lineup is crap, especially now that Edmonds has started declining. It's amazing what having the best hitter in baseball can do for you.
  • I think I posted a look back at Brien Taylor a while ago, and here's another. When I was a kid you never really heard about prospects. The TV/Radio announcers never really mentioned them, and neither did the papers, but I still heard about Brien Taylor and his ungodly huge signing bonus.
  • And if you love baseball cards (or have ever loved baseball cards), then you should watch this.