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Game Thread: Game 85 vs. the Braves

TIME: 7:35 @ Turner Field

Tim Hudson (6-8, 4.57)       Joe Mays (0-5, 8.21)

Couple of things really quickly.

A) Thanks for all the birthday wishes. You guys are awesome.

B) I'm amazed by the game thread last night. 600+ comments is phenomenal; I just wish it could have come under better circumstances.

C) I don't exactly run a tight ship around here, at least I don't think so, but I need to go over a couple of things. Profanity on the site is ok, I use it from time to time, and it's not the end of the world. No big deal. But use common sense. If you wouldn't say something around a bunch of people that you barely know in public, then you probably shouldn't say it here. And also, the next person that calls Todd Coffey "bitch tits" gets banned. No big deal, I'm not pissed (how could I be when I've never layed down any rules), but that's not really the direction I want the site going in. I don't think we need a commenting policy or anything, just use common sense.

D) Did I mention you guys are awesome? I feel like I should say that again after C). Cause you are.

E) I really like the Eddie Guardado move. Travis Chick didn't really impress me in his time with the Reds, so no big loss there. His control was terrible, and I think Krivsky has gotten rid of enough hard throwing, poor control guys by now that Chick probably knew his days were numbered.

F) Boy, can I tell you how relieved I am that Joe Mays is pitching the day after yesterday's monstrosity? Thank goodness we've got our stopper going.

Go Reds!