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Wednesday Links

  • More great stuff from Baseball Minutia, this time looking at the year 1976.
  • Daedalus channels Ambrose Bierce.
  • JinAZ looks back at June. Slyde, where you at man?
  • Are the Reds taking more crap from fans this year? I'm guessing yes, but that's a good thing. It means people care, something that probably couldn't be said about the past five years or so. Red Hot Mama has an amusing take on this.
  • Trey Griffey, future Bengals linebacker? It honestly wouldn't surprise me. Those Griffeys have some great genes.<l/i>
  • And finally, the Reds are shopping Jason LaRue:
    The Reds continue to shop catcher Jason LaRue, and an official with one rival club says the team is willing to pick up part of LaRue's remaining $3.9 million salary this season and $5.2 million salary next season. Good luck: LaRue is batting just .178 in reduced playing time, and most contenders are set at catcher. Rival clubs continue to press the Reds about Triple-A outfielder Chris Denorfia, who boasts a .401 on-base percentage and is 13-for-14 in stlen-base attempts

    If everyone else wants Denorfia, doesn't that say something to the Reds? At least we have a trading chip though, I certainly don't think LaRue is going to net much.