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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Brewers 5-2

Not what we needed from Bronson Arroyo, but can you really get mad at him for having a bad start once in a while? He's been so good this year that I'm inclined to cut him quite a bit of slack.

Quick thoughts:

  • It's strange how the Reds can rough up a pitcher like Doug Davis one day (April 23, Reds win 11-0) and then look so terrible another.
  • Why in the hell is Juan Castro playing so much? I've been a lot more laid back this year when it comes to the roster, but seeing Castro in the lineup is just too much. I can't take it.
  • Nice to see the bullpen throw a scoreless inning. When it doesn't matter.
  • The lone bright spot was Scott Hatteberg, a player who's having himself a very fine season. I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong, so I think I should get to crow a little when I'm right, and it looks like I was right about Hatteberg. I liked the signing, and it's turned out very well. He's a Sean Casey clone for pennies on the dollar. Except that Hatteberg gets on base more.