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Off Day / Trade Deadline Open Thread

I'm just going to combine everything into one big thread today, and it can be a catch all.

Today's links:

  • Baseball Minutia - The Deadline - How We got it
  • Adam Dunn just gets funnier and funnier:
    On the night the Reds checked in, it was so hot outfielder Adam Dunn jumped into a cold shower, then flopped on top of his bed, "Because it was too hot to get under the covers." Dunn, though, forgot to latch his door and a maid walked in to discover the naked truth of how hot it was.
  • Shawn talks about lineup construction. I'm vaguely hoping that the trade deadline will reveal that the Reds have been showcasing Rich Aurilia or something that'll explain why EdE hasn't been playing, but I know deep down that it's just Narron.
  • Daedalus on the Expos. I always loved their logo.

Games we care about today:

Arizona vs. Chicago 8:05 (Webb vs. Prior)
Milwaukee vs. Colorado 9:05 (Bush vs. Cook)
Washington vs. San Francisco 10:15 (Astacio vs. Lowry)

Nice pitching matchup in the Cubs - Dbacks game.

Today's off day funny picture is one of my favorite Far Side's of all time:

Just replace "Ginger" with "Larkin" and its like you're at my house.

Trade news:

  • I can't see the Mets not trading Lastings Milledge, but you never know I guess.
  • The Padres want a third baseman. Let's hope EdE isn't headed west.
  • Ryan Shealy is on the block. I wouldn't have minded seeing him in a Reds uniform, but I guess we're set now with Hatteberg and then Votto. Funny how we're all thinking of Votto as a sure thing now, just goes to show you the difference between position players and pitchers.
  • Funny Soriano news:
    Still another exec says that the Nationals' options have dwindled to the point where general manager Jim Bowden is scrambling and might be too embarrassed to make a deal.

    Asked Sunday if he was confident that he would get the kind of deal he wanted for Soriano, the usually cocksure Bowden responded by E-mail, "Not sure."

    I'm not a fan of the guy, but it's funny to watch Bowden operate. He was exciting when he was the Reds GM, I'll give him that much. I always felt like anything was possible.

  • Dontrelle Willis news. This writer thinks the Marlins might not go for it just because they were swept in a doubleheader yesterday, losing all of half a game in the Wild Card race.
  • The Rangers are seriously looking at Jon Lieber. As an aside, I don't really get why they're so eager to get rid of Hank Blalock.
  • It'd be a crime if the Pirates don't trade anyone. I'd feel sorry for Pittsburgh fans if it weren't for the Steelers. Who I hate very much.
  • Greg Maddux is now apparently staying put.

Let's hope we get some good news today!