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Sunday Trade Rumors Open Thread

Just all kinds of stuff floating around, most of which will probably be obsolete in a few hours. But here we go anyway.

  • Justin Germano was optioned to AAA immediately following last night's loss, with no corresponding roster move. Narron said it was the plan all along:
    It was a decision manager Jerry Narron said was planned all along. An off day Monday meant a fifth starter won't be needed this week. A corresponding roster move wasn't announced.

    You'd think this means trade, but who knows.

  • Rosenthal has lots of notes. He says that Soriano could end up in Anaheim by process of elimination, Julio Lugo probably won't be reupping with the Devil Rays, and the Dodgers are the most likely trade destination for Greg Maddux.
  • Miguel Tejada says he's happy with the Orioles, and that he doesn't want to play third base for anybody which would make it tough for him to go to Anaheim (Orlando Cabrera) or Texas (Michael Young).
  • The Cardinals have something in the works. They're looking for an outfielder and for pitching.
  • Jim Bowden is such a bluffer. Bastard.
  • The Yankees are close to acquiring Bobby Abreu.
  • The Mets are trying for Zito.
  • The Red Sox are apparently willing to deal Coco Crisp and Trot Nixon. I've also read in other places that they're dangling Wily Mo for pitching, which is kind of ironic.

If you hear anything feel free to post it here.