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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Brewers 6-3

Ugh pretty much sums this one up.

Quick thoughts:

  • In a way I'm glad the Reds lost, because Narron needs to learn that there's pretty much no way this team is going to win with Royce Clayton leading off, EdE on the bench, and the fifth starter pitching. That's pretty much going to be a lethal combination every single time.
  • Junior hitting third is getting painful to watch. Maybe he's hurting?
  • Germano did ok. Not great, but for a fifth starter he was ok. Of course he was sent back to AAA after the game, so something's up trade wise I'm guessing, but I wouldn't be opposed to seeing Germano back up at some point. He's certainly a better option than Joe Mays.
  • Gary Majewski has to be hurt. There's no other explanation that makes sense (Marty tried to say he might not be able to handle the pressure of pitching for a contender which is laughable). He's been overworked for nearly two seasons now, and it looks like the Reds picked him at the exact worst time.
  • You get four innings of the Milwaukee Brewers bullpen and you've got to do better than two freaking walks. Then again maybe not with the lineup Narron put out there.