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Saturday Trade Rumors

First, let's look at what's happened:

  • Wilson Betemit to the Dodgers for Danys Baez and Willy Aybar. Everyone will see this as a sign that the Braves are going for it, but I don't know. Aybar is kind of a younger version of Betemit, so this actually strikes me as a hedge type move - helps now, doesn't hurt too badly for later.
  • The Giants dealt for Mike Stanton, trading away Shairon Martis, a Class A pitcher.
  • Carlos Lee went to the Rangers for a host of players, including Kevin Mench and Francisco Cordero. I actually think the Brewers got screwed here a little bit, but I'll temper that by saying that I'm not really familiar enough with the Brewers to know for sure. I don't believe Cordero has much left though, and Mench has never really struck me as much of a player. And Laynce Nix is a terrible player, I hope the Brewers give him lots of playing time.
Now onto rumors and conjecture:
  • The Pirates GM is fending off reports that he's tough to deal with. Apparently he's asking for the moon and stars for players like Jeromy Burnitz and Joe Randa. Reminds me a lot of Dan O'Brien.
  • The Astros have apparently offered a ton for Miguel Tejada, and I'm hoping they get him. I sincerely hope they mortgage their future, because Tejada is absolutely not going to put them over the top. There's no way the team I saw a few days ago is going to the playoffs, Tejada or not.
  • The Rangers and Angels are also interested in Tejada, with the Rangers offering a package centered around Blaylock, and the Angels offering Ervin Santana plus prospects. I really wish the Reds would take a shot at Santana, but I'm not sure if the Reds and Angels make a good fit right now as trading partners.
  • The Cardinals might be looking at Alfonso Soriano, which is a frightening possibility. You have to figure they'll land somebody big by the deadline.
  • Will Carrol has all kinds of notes, including the fact that Royals GM Dayton Moore has something big in the works. I could certainly see the Reds making a deal with the Royals.
Exciting times, I certainly hope the Reds get something done. They need another piece or two to complete the puzzle.