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Game thoughts: Reds beat the Brewers 4-3

Sometimes there are games I just don't expect the Reds to win, and that's exactly how I felt last night after the first inning. Never would have thought Milton would recover like that.

Quick thoughts:

  • Scott Hatteberg is up to .327. I'm amazed every time I see his batting average.
  • Eddie Guardado has been so lights out, I really can't believe we got him for Travis Chick of all people. Chick might pitch in the major leagues at some point, but that's a hell of a trade. As much as I didn't like the Kearns/Felipe deal, I have to give credit for the Guardado pickup.
  • Let's all hope that 2-4 means Ken Griffey Jr. is going to come out of his slump and start producing. If he plays like the normal Junior for the next two months then the Reds'll be in really good shape.
  • The Reds are 10-4 since the All-Star break. They're now 3.5 games behind the Cards, and 2.5 games up on the D-Backs (4 up on the Giants). This is it right here. We're watching the Reds make their move. I feel confident that the Reds are a playoff team this year, because I can't see anyone behind them getting it done. The Braves and Astros are going to try, but they are both seriously flawed teams, and I can't see the Wild Card coming out of the West since they're all going to be beating each other up. Maybe the recent good stretch is going to my head, but this is the first time I can honestly say that I'd be more surprised if the Reds didn't make the playoffs than I would be if they did.