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Friday Links

Not a lot of links to pass on today, but here you go:

  • Daedalus is writing some great stuff lately.
  • Non-baseball related, but it made me laugh. Did you know that Cincinnati has the best nightlife in the country? Yeah, me either.
  • The Cubs are so stupid. Baker should have been fired back in May. Whenever a team tanks like the Cubs have this year they oughta play the kids, because what's the point of running out vets every day when you're going to finish fifth anyway? But Baker isn't going to do that, which is just going to hurt the Cubs in the future. Plus it's not exactly a secret that the Cubs are just going to fire him at the end of the year anyway. Not that I mind any of this, it's pretty much guaranteeing that the Cubs aren't going to be good anytime soon, which makes me pretty damn happy.
  • Esteban Yan has found a home in Kansas City.That's his third team in a year, which means something, although I'm not sure exactly what. You don't see players good enough to be on a major league roster, but not good enough to avoid getting waived twice in a year very often.