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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Astros 8-4

That was much better. This series has led me to conclude that we don't have a lot to fear from the Astros. I don't think they have the offense and I also don't think they have the pitching to compete this year.

Quick thoughts:

  • How about Adam Dunn? He's showing that he's perfectly capable of taking the team on his back when necessary. I'm hopeful that we might not have to hear any more Dunn bashing, but I know that's probably unlikely.
  • Elizardo is a great fourth starter. It's tough to believe he's only 23, and yet there's been zero hype about this guy, all the way through the minors. How does that happen?
  • Is Chris Denorfia the fifth outfielder? I just can't understand why he couldn't have been up at the start of the season if they don't mind letting him rot on the bench. Who knows, maybe all of our player usage complaints will be explained at the trading deadline.
  • Eddie Guardado has been an outstanding pickup. I wish I could say the same about Majewski. And Bray hasn't been nearly as bad, but I'm not really impressed with him either. Hopefully that'll change.
  • What in the world happened to Brad Lidge? I thought he'd be a tough closer for years to come, but that obviously isn't going to happen. Just goes to show you how you can't really count on relievers from year to year. Someone might want to point that out to Krivsky.
  • The Reds picked up ground on just about everyone last night, and they're now 2.5 up in the Wild Card race, the race that we need to be worried about. I know they're only 4.5 back from the Cardinals, but I really just don't see the Reds overtaking them. The Wild Card is an entirely different story though. Wouldn't it be wild if the Reds and Bengals both made the playoffs in the same calendar year?