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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Astros

The Reds don't seem to know how to handle big moments. Tonight's embarassment reminds me an awful lot of the losing streak after Dunn's game winning grand slam.

Quick thoughts:

  • There's just no excuse for Arroyo losing his composure the way he did. You don't go from retiring ten in a row to allowing six runs in one inning (all before recording an out) without a mental breakdown.
  • Royce Clayton hitting second is a really bad idea.
  • So is Ken Griffey Jr. hitting third. He should quite honestly be hitting seventh or eighth right now. Actually he should probably be sitting the bench while Chris Denorfia plays, but that'd never happen. If you think I'm exaggerating check out his OBP. It was .292 entering tonight's game, and now you can tack on another 0-5. That's just killing the offense.
  • Jerry Narron has to find a way to get Hatteberg and Encarnacion in the lineup at the same time. It's really not this difficult.
  • It's funny how you can go from feeling so positive one night to feeling incredibly frustrated the next, but that's baseball I guess. Hell, that's the Reds. Just a piss poor outing by everyone save for a few hitters tonight. Definitely ready to forget about this one.